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JELTE is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Amsterdam. With influences from the eighties, funk, rock, he creates colorful and romantic pop with a contemporary sound. The songs come to life in an energetic live show where JELTE shares the stage with his five-piece band. When Jelte found little musical connection with the people around him, he was determined to play all the instruments on the album himself. On the first album, the songs take you into the world as a teenager, where themes such as insecurity, introspection and depression emerge, with a cautious look at the future. In his new music, the melancholy of the first album makes way for euphoria, joie de vivre and self-fulfillment.

Can't You Feel It (4000x4000).png
Can't U Feel It


JELTE has played all the instruments himself on all his songs. During the JELTE live show, he plays with a five-piece band from home and abroad, each of whom also has individual careers in other projects.



At the end of 2021, JELTE participated in the Amsterdam Popprijs and made it to the final in Paradiso. Following the great concert, Pascalle Rovers and Eline Vaarzon wrote an article that clearly shows what the qualities of JELTE are and how they come to the fore in a live show. In addition, the two gave a nice overview of the other artists who participated in the Popprijs.

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